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JB Meldrum

Born in the USA, alive and well in Paris, singer-songwriter JB Meldrum (aka John Meldrum) has had visions of what music can be and do. Musically his inspirations and icons are John Lennon and Martin Luther King: a rocker and a preacher, both exceptional visionaries. Using Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and Mozart's Magic Flute as touchstones on his unique path, JB Meldrum’s artistic journey continues to seek beauty beyond boundaries with everything he creates.

From his debut EP "No Rules Here," to his gifted guitar work, and heartfelt vocals featured on his second release, pop-folk album "Long Live Love" (as John Meldrum) to his most current release "Rail Car" part of long form musical homage to Bob Dylan, Meldrum’s mastery of structure and style are showcased, revealing an artist to be reckoned with.



JB is represented by Zap Artist Management International LP. www.zapami.com 


"We are always looking for talent. Zap specializes in the singer-songwriter genre, think Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, story tellers. We can help you be seen, heard, and grow your loyal fan base." - Rob Eggleton, Partner 

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